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About Dr. Greg Adams

The path Dr. Adams took in becoming a chiropractor was somewhat unique and most certainly an interesting one. Chiropractic was not Dr. Adams's first career ambition. He first learned about the merits of chiropractic during the time he was actually enrolled in physical therapy school. With this newfound discovery of chiropractic, he realized this was a better fit for him to contribute to the world and humanity. For that reason, even before his physical therapy graduation, he knew one day he would be a chiropractor.

Later, while in chiropractic school, he had the life-changing opportunity to intern with a doctor who had a worldwide reputation as being one of the best Upper Cervical chiropractors in the modern era. This internship, with Dr. E.L. Crowder, provided him a rare and priceless chance to learn from a then almost 50-year veteran of the profession. As a result, he gained a deep appreciation and understanding for this chiropractic specialty that no classroom or textbook could have ever taught.

Winston Churchill once said, "To every man there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he is figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered a chance to do a very special thing, unique to him and fitted for his talents." Chiropractic is what tapped Dr. Adams "on the shoulder." He considers his calling, to support people in achieving a greater expression of life and health, a divine appointment.

Health affects everything a person does and everyone they know. By expressing life more completely and vibrantly, a person's ability to serve God, carry out their life's work and enjoy relationships has tremendous potential for possibility. Not only does the person WIN as an individual, their family WINS, their community WINS, their country WINS and the world WINS.

Impacting the world with positive contribution and legacy is the BIG IDEA.


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